Sometime’s people who don’t have more, give more.


Yesterday I was watching a video,which was heart touching and had a very good lesson. The video starts with a hungry man roaming around in streets and restaurants asking people if they can give him some food, all of them were eating something but refused to give something to the hungry man. He went to a lot of people and was disappointed by all of them.

Then starts the second part of video in which a random guy purchased 2 burgers from McDonald and volunteered to give it to someone who is in need and is hungry. He went to a park and saw a man laying on floor sleeping, he wakes him up and asks him if he wants to have the burgers, and the man accepts this heavenly gift from that guy because he was hungry. Then comes the guy who was asking random people for food in the streets and restaurants, he goes to the same guy who was sleeping in the park and asks him if he could give him something to eat and the man hands him one of the burger that was given to him by the random guy.

The old man in park handed him one of the burgers because he had experienced the situation of being hungry and people refusing to give you something to eat, so he knew about his pain and thus shared his meal with him although he had limited food but still he shared and people who had a lot were not willing to share food with the hungry guy. Sometimes people who don’t have more, give more.

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